You want your life to change, but don’t know where to start. Maybe you’ve even got everything you could possibly want, but there’s always something missing. If you’re willing to do whatever it takes, then together, we can create a life that inspires you!

What inspires YOU? I feel inspired when my clients discover new aspects of themselves and make bold choices in their lives as a result of our life coaching relationship, stepping purposefully towards a more meaningful, fulfilling life.

“… My approach to life has changed and I am hugely thankful to Sonia for allowing me to see what is possible. I am lighter, more positive and at last I’ve got my sense of humour back …”

 “Having had life coaching in the past, I thought I knew what to expect, but with Sonia that assumption goes out of the window …”

“Sonia was able to help me find an imbalance that affected my entire life without me even knowing it …”

“Thank you so much for the time you spent with me – it was immensely valuable (and life changing)! I felt and still feel very much on top of the world….”

When I work with parents, it’s the same but even better in some ways, because I know there will also be children living happier, more confident lives as a result of the parenting work we do together.

“We all want to do the best for our children but life’s everyday stresses intervene and we develop bad habits. This workshop gave me the kick start I need to re-evaluate my (and my husband’s) parenting style and make some positive changes

And when I work with writers, artists, actors, musicians and directors, I get a thrill because they will take their creativity to the next level and feel more confident and fulfilled.

“…The session really cleared some obstacles out of the way and at the end of our half hour, I felt something I hadn’t felt for a long time – that little flutter of excitement in my tummy at the prospect of writing something new!” 

“I was so stuck in my artistic process and the session completely freed me up this morning

Thank you so much for dropping by. Do take a look at the other pages for more information, and at the testimonials to see what other clients have said. If you would like more inspiration in your life, your parenting or your writing, or a complimentary session to see how coaching can help you, do contact me. I’d love to hear from you.

“My time with Sonia was short and sweet but from our many calls and meets, I managed to find a new job (with a salary I wanted), sell my house (which had been on the market for 12 months), complete the next stage of my marketing course (which I had put off for over 18 months) and put some foundations in place to better myself going forward. I do hope we get to work together again in the future.”

“This has been some of the best money I’ve ever spent. For me, this has been an investment that has paid off. I’m so glad I did it.”

Change YOUR life with Inspiration!

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