Staying sane under stress – even at Christmas!


For many people, Christmas is the most stressful time of the year. Overindulgence, overwork, overspending: the financial and emotional strain of trying to meet everyone’s expectations; having to spend time cooped up with annoying relatives; loneliness if you have no family or friends nearby … it all adds up. So here are some questions to help you. Given the time of year, I’m focusing on Christmas, but you can use the process below for any stressful situation.

Get clear on what you really want. Given your circumstances, what does your ideal Christmas look like? Take time to really visualize it.

What’s important to you about that? Are your values being honoured?

How do you want to feel on the day?

What intentions do you need to set in order to create the atmosphere you need?                              

What memories do you want to create?

What needs to be in place for these memories to materialize (this is where planning ahead comes in).


Now, imagine it’s Boxing Day. Looking back, ask yourself:

What worked? What didn’t?

What were the best moments? What are you proud of?

What was hard? What did you have to overcome?

What are you grateful for?

What did you need more / less of?

Knowing all that, what will you need to do differently to achieve your special day?

For some, the answer is to escape to a warm, sandy beach far away. But maybe you won’t have to. Let me know how it goes.


PS – if you’d like some help dealing with stress, contact me to discuss how I can help you.

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