Coaching is a great way to understand what’s getting in the way of our creativity and get rid of the ‘saboteur’ voices that tell us we’re not good enough, we’ll never get published, we won’t get that part, we don’t have time …

Whether you’re a writer, artist, actor, musician or director – you don’t need to struggle alone. To perform at your best, consistently, you need to have great mental and emotional self-command. Life isn’t always easy. Stress, nerves and disappointments can take their toll. I can help you develop the mental fitness to overcome life’s challenges with a positive mindset so that you can be more creative and courageous, and have greater clarity and peace of mind.

“When the idea of having some sessions with Sonia was first mooted, I was reluctant – I simply didn’t have time.

Life in my busy household meant that it was difficult to balance priorities; I was at the mercy of everyone’s becks and calls; I found it difficult to clear a space for me to write. In the face of various obligations, writing seemed like a self indulgence I could ill afford, yet not writing was stressful. When I did manage to write it was hard work – my fluidity was gone. My brain felt as if it was in a knot.

During our 40 minute sessions Sonia carefully unpicked that knot. She was challenging, supportive and asked the questions that enabled me to hear my own thoughts and assess my priorities.

The result was akin to having a really good mind-massage. With her help I could step back – or step forward – and see what I needed to change. I felt that I could rebalance and get back a bit of control. It was time very well spent.

My only regret is that I did not talk to Sonia years ago – I can highly recommend her as a coach.”

Adrienne Dines

Courses, workshops and retreats

I run half-day, full day, weekend and week-long writers’ workshops and retreats for writers who would like to gain more confidence or blast past the blocks.

The Artist’s Way

I facilitate the Artist’s Way, a 12-week course in discovering and recovering our creative selves, using Julia Cameron’s book the Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Guide to Higher Creativity. Courses are on Zoom – so you can join in from your sofa at home or during your lunch hour at work. Do contact me to find out more. I hope you’ll join us.

Feel the Fear … and Write It Anyway

Do you wish you could write and lack the confidence to try? Have you lost the plot in your career as a successful author? Or are you somewhere in between?

I’ve presented my workshop “Feel the Fear … and Write It Anyway” for the Elmbridge Literature Festival, the Romantic Novelists’ Association, Lapidus and other writers’ organisations.

This workshop is for anyone who wants to feel more confident about writing, or just needs a bit of motivation to start … to keep going on with… or to finish a writing project. If you want to break through your own creative barriers and would like me to deliver the workshop for your writing group, contact me or call me on 077790 64646 for more information.

I had such a positive experience with Sonia seven years ago, that when life threw far too many curved balls my way, I enlisted Sonia’s help again. With personal problems getting in the way of my creativity and locking up my emotions, my writing had lost its heart. Over the course of four months, Sonia’s compassionate and honest advice on all I shared with her gave me the confidence to enjoy not just my writing again, but life and relationships too.

I wholeheartedly recommend investing in yourself and your happiness with Sonia’s help!

Rachael Thomas, Novelist, Wales


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