Would you like to get on better with your children and:

  • increase your children’s self-esteem?
  • improve your children’s behaviour?
  • make family life more enjoyable?

Are you tired of nagging, scolding, criticising, threatening or pleading?
Do you end up shouting more often than hugging?
Have you ever wondered when your needs are going to get met?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then you’re in good company. We’ve all been there, but we don’t need to stay there!

If you would like to bring up your children in an atmosphere of co-operation and mutual respect, with better communication and relationships, and more fun, coaching or attending a parenting course can help.

“The session was a good reminder for me about what good parenting is all about. We all want to do the best for our children but life’s everyday stresses intervene and we develop bad habits. This workshop gave me the kick start I need to re-evaluate my (and my husband’s) parenting style and make some positive changes


Being a parent is probably the most important job any adult with children will ever do, yet often the only ‘training’ we have had is derived from our own upbringing. Often, we didn’t even like the way our parents treated us, but we still instinctively end up doing the same and follow our parents’ methods, or go in completely the opposite direction.

Doing our best as parents

We all want to be good parents and we’re all doing our best, often trying to be the perfect parent and putting ourselves under a great deal of pressure along the way. No one purposely brings up their children to feel unvalued, insecure or frustrated!

And yet, when we’re stressed and parenting on automatic pilot, that can be the result. When children feel unheard, they can become uncooperative. When children feel worthless or humiliated, they can act out their frustration and anger on siblings or classmates. When children feel they’re not good enough, they can become frightened to try new things.

Children need to feel (not just be) loved, understood and valued; they need to learn to deal with negative emotions; to contribute to the family; to receive praise for their efforts and creativity which are within their control rather than for achievements, specific traits or talents which can become a burden to keep up.

What about us?

It’s not just about children. As parents, we need to recognise and look after our own needs – rest, relaxation, relationships, fun … as well as work, studies, personal development and work/life balance – or else we won’t be in a position to give our children what they need. For many of us, learning to identify and meet our own needs, while respecting those of others, is a life-changing experience.

Looking even beyond our own families, we can see that when we bring up our children to be secure, loving, responsible, co-operative, considerate and communicative, we are contributing to a society that will be a much better place for us all.

Parenting with Inspiration!

Parenting with Inspiration! can help you learn to:

  • listen to your children
  • increase your children’s confidence and self-esteem
  • get on better with your children
  • encourage greater co-operation within your family
  • communicate better with your children (and with the adults in your life)
  • look after your own needs as well as your children’s

Weekly courses

We meet for 2½ hours a week for twelve weeks in an informal, friendly group. The group provides a supportive, enjoyable and confidential environment in which you will be helped to develop highly-effective ways of dealing with these issues.

At each session you will learn new skills and then put them into practice with your families during the week. At the following session, we share our experiences so that we can all learn, not just from our own situations, but from each others’ as well.

After the course is over, you will be part of a close, supportive group that will be a great resource to help you to keep up your new skills and continue to develop as parents.

Some of the skills you will develop:

  • Listening to feelings as well as words
  • Increasing emotional intelligence
  • Gaining co-operation
  • Describing behaviour rather than labelling
  • Helping your children to solve their own problems
  • Setting limits
  • Dealing with anger and conflict
  • Challenging unwanted behaviour

Parenting courses in Surrey:

12-week course available for groups of 6 – 12 parents within 15 miles of Weybridge.

For more information or to register for a course:

phone: +44 (0) 1932 849309
skype: coaching-with-inspiration
email: contact me.

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