Self-employed and stuck in a rut, Sonia was brilliant at listening and empathising. She cheered me on and encouraged me to dream big, taught me to look out for beliefs and habits that were holding me back, as well as, how to see things from new and different points of view.

As a result, I have made more steps towards progressing my career in the few months I spent with Sonia, than I had in the previous couple of years.

Thank you Sonia!

Laura F, London

I was blessed to work with Sonia through a Spotlight Actors coaching initiative and felt the effects of her insights immediately.

She is compassionate, kind and able to pinpoint areas of thinking or blocks preventing growth and relaxation, as she excavates the stories we tell ourselves or habitual thinking, which may hold us back or cause anxiety. Sonia is able to help relax some of these blocks with very useful and practical exercises, she seeks to empower and ask her clients to consult their emotions, resetting the inner compass as it were!

I would not hesitate to recommend Sonia for career and life coaching and look forward to working with her again.

Penelope Granycome, Actress and Writer

I had such a positive experience with Sonia seven years ago, that when life threw far too many curved balls my way, I enlisted Sonia’s help again. With personal problems getting in the way of my creativity and locking up my emotions, my writing had lost its heart. Over the course of four months, Sonia’s compassionate and honest advice on all I shared with her gave me the confidence to enjoy not just my writing again, but life and relationships too.

I wholeheartedly recommend investing in yourself and your happiness with Sonia’s help!

Rachael Thomas, Novelist, Wales

I’m a very resilient person, yet couldn’t seem to break long held habits that really got me down. In the summer of 2019 I was so fed up of being fed up, I decided to consider a life coach. I searched the internet and found Sonia, I very much liked the way she came across. In fact I visited Sonia’s website numerous times before I found it within me to contact her.

I’d never done life coaching before and felt a little odd about it. Also after my bills are paid each month I don’t have a huge amount of spare money. For me it was quite literally a dilemma between going without the clothes, meals out and other small luxuries I would normally buy, or coaching. I came to the conclusion that my small luxuries would not put me on the new life path I deeply desired but Sonia might, so I contacted her.

When we met up all the hunches I felt from her website were right, she’s very easy to talk to. I’ve learnt so much, changed those habits and without doubt have turned a corner. Had I not have spent time with Sonia I would still be living the same old routine.

This has been some of the best money I’ve ever spent. For me, this has been an investment that has paid off. I’m so glad I did it.

Sarah, Walton on Thames

My time with Sonia was short and sweet but from our many calls and meets, I managed to find a new job (with a salary I wanted), sell my house (which had been on the market for 12 months), complete the next stage of my marketing course (which I had put off for over 18 months) and put some foundations in place to better myself going forward. I do hope we get to work together again in the future.

R Gibson, Surrey

Having been writing for a decade, I found myself at a real crossroads, torn between the sort of books I had been writing and the sort of books I really wanted to write. The result was that I was writing very little at all and my self-belief had dwindled to the point that I actually considered giving up!

When Sonia offered sessions via Skype, I requested one in the hope that I could at least vocalize my conflict and get some help in moving forward again. The session really cleared some obstacles out of the way and at the end of our half hour, I felt something I hadn’t felt for a long time – that little flutter of excitement in my tummy at the prospect of writing something new!  Sonia encouraged that feeling by suggesting I write a synopsis and gently pinned me down to a deadline at the end of the week, which I achieved, and this kick-started a story that had been in my head for a long time but that was in real danger of never getting onto the page! 

I appreciated the way she listened – really listened – and her insightful suggestions and probing questions enabled me to see my situation, not as a negative and paralyzing roadblock, but as an opportunity to explore new paths, grow as a writer and, most importantly of all, follow my heart. Thank you so much Sonia! 

Melissa, Novelist

Working with Sonia has allowed me to explore who I am and who I want to be, as well as what I want to do – which is a refreshing and constructive way to improve in both your personal and working life. Before working with Sonia I didn’t really acknowledge the way who you want to be, and how you are in your personal life, impacts on your work and decisions about your future. 

We spoke over 6 months over skype and I found her personal and patient approach extremely warm and welcoming, and allowed me to explore areas I hadn’t previously planned to. She offered useful practical tips as well as recommending further reading, and overall provided me with a personal and tailored way to explore my own personal approach to work, and improve and build on my hopes for the future.

Cassie Eades, Campaign Project Manager, Oxfam

Thank you so much for the time you spent with me – it was immensely valuable (and life changing)! I felt and still feel very much on top of the world.

I felt I learned a lot about how to look at myself and realise what was in and out of control … and have a methodology to ease into that control. Lots of listening, but also throwing in challenges.

Because you are so empathetic (and it works on a spiritual level) it felt we were already on the journey together and the trust and confidence just kicked in immediately and effortlessly”

John Buckley (Global Lead for IT Business Relationship Management)

Sonia is a deeply insightful coach, who actively listens, empathises and challenges your thinking. My approach to life has changed and I am hugely thankful to Sonia for allowing me to see what is possible. I am lighter, more positive and at last I’ve got my sense of humour back. Thank you Sonia!

Annie Pritchard
Career Coach, Trainer and Workshop Creator

I have had the great pleasure of receiving some sessions with Sonia Duggan.  From the outset, I felt that I was the most important person in the world.

This is a time of new discovery for me. Sonia was there for such a time as this, to guide, support and hslp me to access, put into practice, and launch out into uncharted areas, which have lain largely dormant.

Sonia has a kind, yet authoritative manner. She has helped me to think about and use other ways of verbalising. For example: to avoid saying “I should”. This brings a freedom of personal responsibility.

I thank you Sonia Duggan. I am now launched on a new voyage of discovery.

Sue Wetherall, Richmond

Being coached by Sonia was a fabulous experience. She is a wonderfully insightful coach and helped me to look closely at areas of my life that have been affecting my decision-making and ability to move forward which I’d previously left unchallenged. Highly recommend.

Angela R, Surrey

If I think about what has changed as a result of our coaching relationship, I guess it is me being braver in articulating my own needs and giving myself more time. And that means a lot!

I really appreciated your gentle and supportive style and felt that i was allowed to explore my emotional state as opposed to just finding practical solutions

Thank you!

H Taylor, Surrey

Before my sessions with Sonia, I felt very confused and unable to be honest with myself about what I wanted. It seemed hard to access the truth.

Sonia asked some pertinent and challenging questions to stimulate a thoughtful response. Through this process I was able to access a deeper truth and honesty with myself. This honesty was made possible by the trust and support I felt throughout the session. It was a safe place to be honest. No judgement.

Sonia helped to question and distinguish between what I thought I knew and what I actually knew.

I would highly recommend Sonia to anyone who is feeling a little lost or confused or even stuck in a rut. If you know there is more and you want more - she can help you search it out.

Gemma Aston, Artistic Director

Sonia was able to help me find an imbalance that affected my entire life without me even knowing it.  Once I recognised this and started doing something about it, I watched a new path unfold that has led me to a much more fulfilled and enjoyable place.  I feel much more comfortable with myself and where I’m going.  Thank you.

Gill Coleman, Surrey

Before working with Sonia, I felt as if I was floundering at sea, treading water. Sometimes I was able to keep my head above water for a while, other times it felt almost impossible. It was as if things I’d experienced years before had been stored up, waiting to be sorted, and then they all demanded my attention at once.

Thanks to Sonia’s reassurance and subtle questions, root causes of my problems became evident. What I thought was a problem was in fact a reaction to one or several events many years ago. I am now able to look at events in my past more logically and give reasons for those events. This enables me to stop apportioning myself wrongly with the blame.

I now pay much less attention to ‘that voice’ which always knocked my confidence in one fell swoop. I am able to objectively assess whether it should be listened to or ignored. This has helped in day to day life as well as in my writing.

I have learned to create and maintain a healthy balance between work, family and ‘me time’. Being able to do this has helped immensely when work and family really get in the way of my writing time, which is ‘me time.’ I have lost all those feelings of guilt which crept in when I did spend time writing.

I feel a more confident person, more like the person I’ve always wanted to be. I’m able to cope with new challenges as they appear by drawing on all we discussed over the three months. I would most certainly recommend Sonia, especially if someone required distance coaching.

R Thomas

I came to Sonia full of fear and self-doubt in both myself and my creative abilities. With her supportive yet challenging approach, she helped take me out of my comfort zone and recognize how I listened to my inner “saboteurs” and indeed took them on as my identity, forming unhelpful habits and beliefs.

Within the safety of our face-to-face and skype sessions, we identified my destructive thought processes and I learned how to view situations from different perspectives. Through this, I formed complete self awareness of my negative thought patterns, which enabled me to break out of my rut and progress forward as a creative being with a more positive outlook.

Sonia genuinely cares about her clients and helping to transform lives. She was very understanding and flexible around my circumstances, always communicating and providing points of reference relevant to my personal progress, once even going that extra mile beyond the call of duty and dropping in a wonderful gift she felt would resonate with me at the time! Many thanks for your help.

Nicki Murphy, London

Having had life coaching in the past, I thought I knew what to expect, but with Sonia that assumption goes out of the window. She doesn’t deal with the problem you think you have but looks at your life as a whole. This was just as well for me as, early on, (and due to her very probing questions) I realised that what I had imagined to be my problem was nothing of the sort.

It was so wonderful to be listened to and acknowledged, and her ability to get to the root of a problem is outstanding.

Homework was a revelation. I knew it would involve coming out of my comfort zone but after a 40 minute session she would come up with an action to take and things to do that were incisive, relevant and exciting.

I had forgotten how wonderful life can be when you embrace change and I wake up every morning smiling.

Do we all need a Sonia in our lives? The answer to that is a resounding YES!

Mary Cross, Wiltshire

When the idea of having some sessions with Sonia was first mooted, I was reluctant – I simply didn’t have time.

Life in my busy household meant that it was difficult to balance priorities; I was at the mercy of everyone’s becks and calls; I found it difficult to clear a space for me to write. In the face of various obligations, writing seemed like a self indulgence I could ill afford yet not writing was stressful. When I did manage to write it was hard work – my fluidity was gone. My brain felt as if it was in a knot.

During our 40 minute sessions Sonia carefully unpicked that knot. She was challenging, supportive and asked the questions that enabled me to hear my own thoughts and assess my priorities.

The result was akin to having a really good mind-massage. With her help I could step back – or step forward – and see what I needed to change. I felt that I could rebalance and get back a bit of control. It was time very well spent.

My only regret is that I did not talk to Sonia years ago – I can highly recommend her as a coach.

Adrienne Dines

My session with Sonia was a real eye-opener. The insightful questions helped me analyse objectively with some important realisations coming to light! Sonia’s perceptions have provided me with the inspiration and motivation I need to make effective changes. Thank you Sonia!

Julie Blunt
The session was a good reminder for me about what good parenting is all about. We all want to do the best for our children but life’s everyday stresses intervene and we develop bad habits. This workshop gave me the kick start I need to re-evaluate my (and my husband’s) parenting style and make some positive changes.

Sonia is a great person to lead the workshop. She is genuinely caring, approachable and non judgemental. This facilitates an air of trust and openess where parents can honestly share their worries/ issues/hopes about their children. I would recommend this workshop to any parent as an introduction to ‘improving your parenting skills’. In just two hours I picked up some great tips which I have already put into place with my family and seen positive results.

Sheila Cox

sonia’s calm, gentle approach gave me full permission to really explore what was going on for me in a safe, non-judgemental space. she was always beautifully supportive, and wasn’t afraid to call me forth and take a stand for me when i faltered in my courage. she is a committed, dedicated coach who genuinely cares about her clients. lovely!

Natasha Moskovici

Sonia is a warm and intuitive coach who creates a really safe space for her clients, which allowed me to truly explore just what was really keeping me stuck in my perspective. Her curiosity combined with her gentle, yet courageous ‘prodding’ enabled me to look at my relationship with my daughter in a different light: we now have a greater understanding of each other and have a solid structure to build our ongoing relationship on … thank you Sonia!
Al Westgate

I had many things that I could not make decisions about and needed clarity and a way to get around the obstacles.

Sonia took me through a process of looking at each area and finding a solution, a way of working through every obstacle and ways to think differently about them. Sonia not only enables you to think outside the box but also leaves you with an inquiry, which helped enforce the new direction I had taken, giving me the feeling of empowerment.

I have started using my creative skills that I had put on ice since 1994 which has taken away the feeling of failure and made me realise that it can just be a hobby and not a career and how good I am at it. I have been to London buying materials ready to start new projects and I feel as though I have been released from a very dull and colorless existence. Without Sonia this would not have happened and I cannot thank her enough.

I felt stuck when I first met Sonia and with the power of artful questioning, I worked through the blockages in my life. I came out the other side a fresher, lighter and more determined creative person.
Everyone needs a Sonia!!!!!

Helen Bodenham-Chilton

I have just experienced a wonderful coaching session with Sonia. Leading a very busy life, clients are used to listening to me – I felt very heard by Sonia and was able to explore some of the challenges I am facing with my business and the session helped me to focus on shifting forward.

Carl Hughes

Thank you again for our session. Your sensitivity and intuition helped me greatly with what was a dilemma, I feel much happier about it now – have gained a different perspective.

Judith Davis

Do you remember coaching me on how to laugh again? Well I must say that I now laugh more and sometimes from the belly. It is so good to feel this freedom. What made the difference? I think I simply am able to “be in the moment” with whatever is going on and enjoy the ride. Life is getting bigger and brighter. THANK YOU!!!

Eileen Gricuk, Senior Recruitment Consultant, Poland

I met Sonia in early November last year. She was so easy to talk to and has a very gentle way about her. Once I realised she was a life coach I knew that she would be the person to help me – I was at a crossroads in my life and wasn’t sure about my future.

I started using her professionally as a life coach and she has helped me both personally and professionally. In a personal way, I have started to feel much more myself, I have broken away from being the person people expect me to be and am now the person who I WANT to be. In a professional way, she has been a great help to my motivation and progress with setting up my Garden Visiting website.

Sonia has the ability to see things about you that you didn’t realise and then channel this into positive thinking. I would highly recommend her as a life coach.

Debbie Templeton

Sonia entered my life almost a year ago through a mutual friend. At the time my life was dominated by work which was taking me over the precipice into an extremely dark and terrifying place.

Through all the ups and downs Sonia has been, is and will be there for me, providing what I intuitively know that I need but am unable to provide for myself. Everybody needs a “Sonia”, internal or external to themselves. I’m only glad that I found mine when I really needed her and that she fits me so well as we work and learn together through our coaching sessions.

Liz Perkins

Sonia Duggan was my personal life coach for three months and working with her was both very effective and pleasant. Thanks to her friendly and gentle nature, the trust, so vital in coaching, was never an issue. Apart from unquestionable knowledge and experience, Sonia is also very intuitive, which is a special gift in this kind of work.

I was truly amazed at how quickly she helped me to ‘put myself together’, so to speak. I’m very grateful for having her as my personal coach and I certainly recommend her.

Beata Maaga-Grenville

Sonia is a perceptive, challenging and encouraging coach with a clear view of the wider picture, which she holds fast for her clients. As a result of her coaching, I have dared to do, and ask, for more. I strongly recommend her.
Deidre McBurney

I was so stuck in my artistic process and the session completely freed me up this morning. I suddenly “saw’ a way of organizing my material that worked with my idea of cards that express the spirit of acupuncture points. Insights fell like bridal spring blossom and I feel “born again like morning”.

I now have a have a great vision for the task of my final art project which I feel inspired by. Thank you so much for your fulcrum.

Holly Timmermans

Sonia has helped me to remember my forgotten dreams and has given me the encouragement and energy to pursue them.

Tim Lafferty, UK

I felt trapped in my own life, unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Speaking to Sonia helped give me clarity for today and the future. I realise now that whatever situation I’m faced with there are always choices and options open to me. It has restored balance to my life both physically and emotionally. Thank you Sonia.

Sarah Jamieson

Sonia and I share a love of t’ai chi and our initial meeting took place here at my retreat centre. I remember being challenged by a problem that was very frustrating and Sonia gently helped me discover a different way of approaching it, and lo and behold the problem lessened and then evaporated. It was my way of thinking/ being that had changed not the issue. So, started my first inadvertent coaching session with Sonia.

We then moved the life coaching onto a more formal basis which has been great for my business, helping me to clarify where I’m going and how I’m moving forward. Sonia has helped me realize there are many ways to think and act and I am learning and practising to choose the perspective I like the best. The process is confidence building and empowering and has helped me dissolve issues that before coaching were a block to both my spiritual and business progress.

Looking back over the 4 months or so I can see a lot has changed for the better.

I had thought that life coaching was for people with serious problems and now realize it is an invaluable support and helps me make the difference between running an average company and a thriving one.

PC, Devon

I feel very blessed to have met Sonia, not only as a coach but also as a person. She coached me through some extremely difficult times. Her bravery, honesty, kindness and dedication really shone through as the coaching sessions progressed.

At first I was a bit reticent to share my inner most sorrows with her, but she was not only understanding and kind but brave and strong when I needed her to be. She made me feel completely protected and truly had my best interest at heart. She never imposed a view on me and followed my lead when things got rough.

I always felt like even through the tough times, if I ventured out of my comfort zone, she was always a safety net I could fall back on. She gave me tools and new perspectives to help me see myself through the rough patches ahead.

All in all, Sonia’s dedication and bravery as a coach provided me with new-found strength and clarity and peace.

SB, Greece

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  1. gilda waugh says:

    Through my casting site Spotlight I was referred for three life coaching sessions with Sonia Duggan. I thought it might help me in my acting life and also personal life.
    I found the three sessions very enjoyable and I had a couple of lightbulb moments about myself and the possibility with looking at some of my responses in certain situations. Facing situations that I would at times avoid, could really have an impact on both my personal life and work. By talking to Sonia she helped to reveal aspects of myself that I had never really been aware of. It was very thought provoking and enlightening. Her approach is gentle but probing she was someone I really warmed to which is important. I felt I could really trust her with some of my innermost feelings. It was like chatting to a close friend.
    Thankyou Sonia.

    Gilda Waugh. Kent

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